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Carl S. Martin  Post 635  Normal, Il. 
108 ½ North Street / PO Box 402,  61761-0402
Phone: 309-452-1671

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I am honored to be elected as the Commander for Carl S. Martin Post 635 for the 2018-2019 Legion year. Two goals come immediately to mind. One is to increase our involvement in the Normal Community, by reaching out to Veterans and to the youth of our town. The second is to grow the membership of the post and to bring in more of the younger veterans to help us reach these goals. 
Our first event to reach out to the community was held Saturday June 30, assisting and working with a group from AFNI to build walls for a Habitat for Humanity house that is going to a young veteran and his family. Truly veterans helping veterans. 
We must grow as a post there is no way around it. As I closed the last meeting I challenged everyone in attendance to bring in one new veteran in the next 6 months. Since we average about 30 members at a meeting this at a minimum would grow the post by 30 members. That is exciting because each one of those members has new ideas and passions for things that may help with the previous goal. 
To grow and expand that means we also must move into the 21st century. I have created a Facebook page, and an Instagram Account. I believe we need to create a post YouTube account as well.  This way members from outside our area can see the happenings of the post. This is how we reach the younger veterans and an effective and low-cost way of putting out information. We are not going to push out those that still use a flip-phone or ones that do not have electronic means. Anyone that has one of the above accounts I encourage you to follow one or all the accounts. To ink to our Facebook page, go to:
To link to our Instagram account, go to:   @americanlegionpost635
Any member will be able to post messages, pictures, and videos so that others can see. Of course, Greg Struve is still maintaining the web page: 
If you have something to share and are not a social media guru, let Greg know and he will post it. Send it to: 
I am happy to report that the deck across the roof at the back has been completed. I have tested it and it is a solid piece of work. We are working on getting a new lock for the back door, so the current keys will be able to work both the front and back. We have some further work that will need to be accomplished in the building. At the end of July, the building committee will start to meet again and move forward on site proposals. If you are interested in helping, please let me know and I will get you in touch with Dan Maffeo. Floyd Apers will be exploring the cost and feasibility of adding Central Air to the upstairs meeting rooms. 
Everyone is passionate about something. I want to know what your passions are. Let’s see if we can use our passions to help our community. The Legion has 24 different programs so there is something for everyone. The dates of our meetings are posted on the website. The website and social media sites will be kept updated for any changes to the dates and locations. Also, please use the website to find those services you need as a veteran. Extend an invitation to a veteran and encourage them to attend a meeting. We have a great organization and we all have been there, and we can relate to what others have been through. That is what makes us more important to other veterans then any other community group.
We have a lot of possibilities and opportunities to become a bright spot in the Normal community and can make some significant advances. I need the help of every member and we need the new members to bring fresh ideas to help us re-energize. I look forward to an exciting year of growth and opportunities.  

Veterans helping Veterans
Chris Riley